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Conference pictures


Conference Group Picture


Alejandro Munoz del Rio and the Annie Wynn


Orly Kamin, Paul and Judi Aucoin


Joe Kupferer, Deb Cullison and Lisa Beame... ordering/tasting famous Ted Drewes "concretes"


Eldie Collier, Hinkmond "Uta" Wong and Viki Burnett


Kim Kazimour


Jimp demonstrates his caliper technique at DRSWC II: Alejandro Munoz del Rio, Mary Fuka, Jim Puckett


Listguy Chris Conn (when he had hair) and John Lloyd (that's Joe Kupferer in the background)


Loreen Prinz and Alejandro Munoz del Rio


"Vanna" makes her/his appearance


Lovely Mike "Vanna" Biondo turns letters in Wheel of Fortune