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Monday - University 5K & 10K, & Goodbye Picnic


StiLlWomen knocking off another fierce competitor ;-) (left to right) Tracey G., Adrienne, Toni B.


Dennis Williams. "But wait! Who's that fellow on the left? Man, he's really movin'!" (Click here to see more).


Alejandro Munoz del Rio sporting the DRS tattoo (that's Shelley Walsh directly behind him).


Dean Mueller.


Doug Dodds.


Ed Spier.


Erika Steinberg, Jane Colman.


Josh Knight.


Linda Wack.


Pam Thurston.


Pat Mitchell.


ReJeana Rondot.


Rich Dowey.


Ron Mora.


Teresa Brobeck.


Tony Bell.


Pam T. and Alejandro.


Beards! Standing (left to right): Bud Quarles (Su's husband), Conrad H., Mike B., Dave B., Guy P., Rich D., Niel C. / Kneeling: Colin W., Dr. Chuck, Peter dF.


Big Hair! (left to right) Leslie W., Linda W., Peter dF., Pam T., Teresa B.


Love Handles? "Hey Neil!  Nice, er uh, tattoos!" ;-) / (left to right) Ron M., Neil C., Teresa B., Pam T.


Tony B. and Shelley W.