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Sunday - Track Meet, Pizza, Beer-Tasting, Ugly T-shirts, and a Live dead-Band


The All-dead Track Meet warmup lap.


Sid is holding the DRS flag in the All-dead Track Meet warmup lap.


100m Start: (left to right) Pam T. (the biker), Troy R., Dean M., Alejandro, Karl W., Peter dF., Pat M. (behind Peter).


100m Finish: (left to right) Dean M., Peter dF., Alejandro, Pat W.


From the stands.


800m: (left to right) Doug H., Jim C., Dennis H, Kevin S. (filming, of course).


200m Finish: (finishers) Dean M., some guy Pat knew ("Oh, by the way, this guy ran the 400 in 49 seconds in college") :-o / (sidelines, left to right) Mary F., Linda W., Sally & Kevin S., Colin W., Teresa B., Conrad H., ReJeana R., Jenn G.


Group photo at the track meet.


The Band (left to right) ?, Tracey G., Jim C., Krash, (somebody behind Krash), John M., (somebody behind John), Conrad H., Sid & Cilla, Ed S.


Ed Spier, kicking back.


Cilla and Alejandro, "Ugly T-Shirt" Contest winners.


(left to right) Neil C., Ray E., Erika S., Linda W.


(left to right) Barri M., Tom M., Debbie Y., Jason M.


(left to right) Chuck H., Ruth O., Janine L., Mary F., Alejandro, Sally S.


Hoosiers! (clockwise from left) Troy R., ReJeana R., Wyatt R., Jane L., Mike L., Marisa L.


(left to right) Jenn G. and Janine L.


Toni and Dave Braun, sharing a tender moment (no M&Ms were involved ;-)