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Agenda for the weekend

Saturday morning - Airport pick-up. We'll rent vans as needed. We'll drop the bags at the hotel and have a quick lunch together. In the afternoon, people can choose between rest and sight-seeing. We can tour the city centre and visit a nearby castle, for example. Dinner together at a restaurant on the hills.

Sunday morning - We could organize a race at one of the parks we have in Turin. We could have a 5 kilometers (3,1 miles) loop and plan 5k-10k-15k races. Alternatively, we could all run the first loop at the pace of the slowest as a warmup and then have a 5k-10k race. In the afternoon, Dead runners on an extended tour to Italy could move on. As mentioned, we will have a networks of runners in place in major Italian cities to help those traveling. The ones planning to return home on Monday morning could spend Sunday afternoon doing some more sight-seeing with the Turin Deads.