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Who is behind the Conference

Few DRS runners live in Turin, but about fifty active Deads are in Milan, which is 80 miles Eeast of Turin. We meet and run and/or dine together almost on a weekly basis either in Milan or in Turin or somewhere in between. A few of them will be actively involved in organizing the event. Names? Indro Neri, Giorgio Pogliano and his wife Amy Stilson (who is from Ohio), Ruggero Cassanelli, Maurizio Scilla, Nicola Bovio, Silvia and Patrizia Fiorentini, Daniela Massarani, Alex Lazzaretto, Paolo De Zordo, Franz Rossi, Nadia Nannizzi.

Additionally we set up a network of active Deads in other major cities in Italy, so that runners willing to travel after the DRSWC for tourism, will be welcomed and helped by local contacts.