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DRSWC XV Opening speech

Dear deads, welcome to Torino, welcome to Italia.

It is with great disappointment that I am not here with you today, but it is with equally great honor and pleasure that I am officially declaring open the fitfteenth Dead Runners Society World Conference.

Giorgio Pogliano, Paolo De Zordo and I, along with dozens of other local runners, have spent the past thirteen months organizing this long-awaited appointment, and all the Italian members of the Dead Runners Society are very excited to be hosting the World Conference this year, as this will also be the occasion to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

Founded in February 1997 by eight Italian runners and two Americans living in Italy, DRS Italia is a very active group of friends. We have organized several virtual races and real events, countless meetings, contributed to distance adoptions, and lobbied to improve the quality of running in Italy. This recognition from the DRS mother-list comes as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this achievement with even more friends, from different countries and different cultures, in a unique sporting event without borders. This is the first time a DRS World Conference is held on this side of the world. You are all witnesses of a truly historical event. And, I promise, we are going to make this event memorable for each and every one of you. An occasion like this one does not happen very many times in a lifetime.

I'd like to close by acknowledging one more time Giorgio, Paolo and all the other friends who made this possible, whether here with us or virtually attending this celebration. On behalf of all DRS Italia I would also like to publicly thank Chris Conn, the original founder of the Dead Runner Society, Paul Krash and Sid Subramanian for their commitment and guidance all these years. Finally please put your hands together for Nadia and Geo, parents of the first all-DRS baby girl, Susanna, born last July.

Let me remind you that you are in the land of the Latin language, so the DRS motto has a special weight when pronounced here.

Carpe viam, carpe fun.

Indro Neri
Drs Italia Coordinator
Torino - May 19, 2007