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Travel information

  Nearest airport: Caselle, about 12 miles from the city center. Typical weather for the proposed date: sunny and warm but not hot. It would be nice to put people at one hotel, but that will have to be decided based on how many participate. Camping would be impractical: Turin proper has over a million inhabitants and the metropolitan area is a lot larger, so camping would have to be far away. When North Americans travel to Turin via airplane, we suggest you to fly via Frankfurt, Germany or Zurich, Switzerland. Alternatively, fly to Malpensa airport in Milan, which is about an hour and a half from Turin by car. There is public transportation from there to Turin (direct buses, or a bus to Novara and then a high-speed train to Turin). If you fly into Turin (via Frankfurt or Zurich or Munich or Paris) we'll pick you up at the airport.

Useful resources
Turismo Torino - The official website of the Turin's Tourist Office
TorinoTuristica - The official website of the of the City of Turin
Aeroporto di Torino - The official website of the Turin's Caselle airport