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DRS World Conference official running event

DRS runner Robert Spencer is taking names, information, and money for those interested in participating to the "Sound to Narrows", the official running event of the DRS World Conference XVI.

There is a 12K, a 5K, a 1.2 mile for kids 4 to 10 years old, and a 20 yard diaper dash for the wee little ones. Robert is registering groups for either the 12K or the 5K only. Since he will be four days into the "senior" group (55 years old and older) he is also hoping for a group of DOGG's (Dead Old Guys and Gals) who are similarly 55 and older.

Deadline for registration: Friday June 6, 2008

For a group, we need 4 to 10 people per. He will collect names and money up until Friday, June 6. That will give him that weekend to finish getting the application in before the June 10 site deadline.

What Robert needs from anyone wanting to participate is this group discount, is:

Robert will reply to you with his home address for remittance of 22 U.S. dollars each. Please allow timely payment so he doesn't go broke and can quickly reimburse his credit card. He will send an occasional update to the list on who has registered and will send a final tally with group arrangements after the deadline of June 6, 2008.