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Agenda for the weekend

- Friday night: registration for Friday or the full conference includes a give-away, but we have to place the order a month out... so to make sure you get one, please make sure you are registered/paid no later than April 20 so we can get that order in.
- Saturday: T-shirt swap! Wear a shirt to swap to the Saturday picnic. And, preferably, something under so you can swap in public :-) We'll have a few contests for best-fitting swapped shirt, worst-fitting, most appropriate, and/or any other ideas we can think of in the meantime.
- Monday's race: we're still waiting for the organizers to publish the registration form... as soon as it's up, we'll send it out and add it to the web site.
- All weekend: home-brew contest. If you like to brew, bring your latest creations to share. We won't have an official taste-off... rather, we'll have voting for "Best Home-brew" open all weekend, and announce the winner on Monday at the picnic lunch. Standard DRS prizes apply, though we might throw in something extra.

FRIDAY MAY 22, 2009


SUNDAY MAY 24, 2009

MONDAY MAY 25, 2009

Other local activities & attractions

If you'll be in town for the conference and would like to catch a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, single-game tickets are on sale here. The Cards have home games May 19-24. While we have conference activities scheduled during most of them - Friday and Sunday nights, and Saturday afternoon... we totally understand the allure of the ballpark and will understand if you leave early or show up late. :-) And if you come into town early, there is a game Thursday night against Chicago.