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DRS World Conference official running event

The inaugural edition of the "Trail of Payne 10K", held on March 20, 2010 is the official running event of the DRS World Conference XVIII.

After a brief park-road start, this challenging course is all trails. Expect every type of surface: packed dirt, roots, grass, soft sand and even a little mud. With trails that are winding and narrow, straight and wide, sunny and open, or shady and dense, you won't be bored on this track. Early registration is available on, with the race application by mail or at Lloyd Clarke Sports. The first annual "Trail of Payne 10K" at Paynes Prarie Preserve State Park is a pure trail race you won't want to miss! This run promises to be one of the most unique in the area, so take advantage of our beautiful state park during and after the race. Bring your friends and get ready to go off-road... we're gonna get dirty!!!

Click here to register for the race